A Good Reputation
                                         Gets Around Town .....

  "Whether it is a C.E.O. Retirement Party of  95   guests in Greenwich, a   Wedding  Reception
  for 150 in Westport, or a Dinner in honor of the   Secretary of State on  Park Avenue,  the  quality   and   caring  is  evident   when  the caterer  is    JASON ROGERS HALE, the Manhattan- based   firm with the superior reputation..."

  "Fairfield County welcomes JASON ROGERS
  HALE as  a  source of quality and  style that  is   exemplified   in   their   food, staff  and
  presentation   that   has  been   available in the
  New York  metropolitan  area  since 1980  and
  is now  available  to  those   "in-the-know"   in
  Connecticut ..."

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